The Circle

Maison Villeroy is a secret gem, the kind that we shape and polish with passion every single day.
It is a setting, a home that welcomes its guests with kindness and sincerity.
The Circle aims to welcome its guests into a circle of insiders
and simply makes this breathtaking place all yours.

The Circle

Joining The Circle means finding a second home, a place that welcomes you for a business breakfast, your morning or (very) late work-out at the gym, a relaxing “me-time” at the Spa simply privatized for you, a confidential dinner at Bar Jean Goujon or a michelin-star experience at Restaurant Trente-Trois. Enjoy countless benefits and tailor-made events. Enter a closed and exclusive circle. Get the keys of this private mansion and much more.



The Circle benefits

Whether you prefer sport or business, massage or michelin-star lunch, The Circley has it all. As a member of this private Parisian members club, you will enjoy all of the hotel’s services as well as benefits including exclusive access to the hotel’s bar and spa, priority for restaurant reservations, as well as reduction on food, complimentary spa treatments, access to the meeting room or the fitness center…

Benefits & rules


We first want to know more about you, your motivations and interests. Membership of The Circle is approved following a meeting with the general management of the hotel. Memberships can be individual (one card), in duo (two cards) or common to the same company (three cards). The entrance fee starts at €1,500 and the subscription from €3,000 per year.

Membership request

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For more information regarding Maison Villeroy, please contact The Collection and a member of our dedicated team will be happy to assist.
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