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AFP at Maison Villeroy

Live an exceptional moment around stunning masterpieces. On the occasion of its first-ever auction, Maison Villeroy welcomes the famous Agence France-Presse and some of the most beautiful photographs offered for sale in the Parisian Mansion. First, in our atrium where two pictures welcome our residents and restaurant guests. Then in our beautiful Antoine Suite : its paintings will give their place to photographs for you to enjoy during your Parisian stay. We invite you to admire these beautiful works for the first (and last) time before this exceptional sale while tasting a chill glass of champagne and our pastry of the day.

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© Agence France-Presse

The perfect Parisian hide-away

With a warm and sophisticated residential style, Maison Villeroy’s suites and rooms offer luxurious accommodation in the form of the exclusive ambiance, comfort and charm of a Parisian pied-à-terre

The Maison Villeroy suite and room experience is enhanced with personalised butler service.



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